Verifier Express

A New Approach to Type

"The most insightful few minutes you'll spend in front of your computer this year."

The TypeCoach Verifier Express is entirely unlike any other approach to personality type. Regardless of your prior experience with personality type (if any), you'll find yourself chuckling throughout this engaging and interactive online experience as it leads you to your true "best fit" type in just a few minutes. Don't miss the top ten list of statements most true about your type.

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Putting Type Into Action

"I just wish I had this info a long time ago. It would have saved me years of trial and error and I'm certain I'd be farther along in my career."

Understanding your true personality type and how your work style differs from others is a critical key to career success. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Every type comes with a unique set of natural strengths and typical blind spots. Effective leaders often report that their secret to success has been maximizing their type-related strengths and balancing out the typical blind spots that go along with their type.

A $19 investment, the full TypeCoach Verifier covers everything in the Verifier Express and more. . . putting type into action. A dramatic shift away from traditional text and question-based assessments or quizzes, the TypeCoach Verifier features engaging animations, and a video coach guiding you through a highly interactive tutorial process. After a few short minutes, you'll find yourself conversant in the four key aspects of personality type, confident in your own "best fit" type, and knee deep in your customized 5 page report with career changing advice including:

  • What your Type needs most to thrive in your work environment
  • The Top 5 most common STRENGTHS of your Type
  • The Top 5 most common CHALLENGE AREAS of your Type
  • The biggest STRESS TRIGGERS for your Type
  • The best STRESS MANAGEMENT tips for your Type
  • The Top 10 ways your Type can BE MORE EFFECTIVE