"The most insightful few minutes you'll spend in front of your computer this year."

"Your program was superb. It was one of the best that I have ever seen. I wish I could explain it like you did..."

"I loved this tool. The videos were extremely helpful and clear. Pinpointed my personality to a tee!"

"A dramatic departure from traditional text & question based approaches. Instead of answering a questionnaire, you learn about the key aspects of Personality Type so you are able to make an informed decision about your own "best fit" type. Brilliant!"

"I love the fact that you don't have hundreds of questions to answer (I took that test too). The videos are excellent and really let you define where you fit... I like your approach to 'typing' - great system!"

“This is a wonderful online tool and tutorial. So easy to navigate. . . This module held my full attention throughout the session and the resulting report was right on the money too!

"Loved the Verifier process - super easy to follow and a great tool - the videos were short and to the point! Love it!"

"Clear, concise and engaging. The explanations demystified some of the personality-type jargon and really personalized everything quite efficiently (boiled down to its essence)."

"Very easy to follow and entertaining. I like the final comparison with a similar type, it really helped me to be able to identify the perfect fit. . . "

"I really liked the system, especially the 'compare two types' at the very end, getting a few key differences to help narrow down my type was really helpful. I also rather appreciate that this wasn't a 'answer 100 questions' type affair."

"This was great. I really liked the clarifyer opportunity at the end I went from 80% to 100% on the this is me question. Great format."

" I love the way you approached the test with multimedia about the behavior of the different types. It really helped clarify my understanding of the variables in my personality type and make a more honest decision than in the typical multiple choice scenario."

"This is a great tool! I am going to use this information to help prepare for a job interview."


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