Top Ten Words That Describe Most ESTJs:

Outspoken, Proactive, Tenacious, Fast, Straightforward,
Logic-driven, Decisive, Take Charge, High Energy, Dependable



ESTJs are one of THE most high energy, talkative types, and perhaps no type can top an ESTJ when it comes to speed. Whether it is walking, talking, executing, deciding – you name it – they are the fastest. ESTJs typically accomplish more by lunchtime then most people accomplish in a day, and can become addicted to being “productive” and checking things off their personal or work “to do” list every minute, if they aren’t careful. ESTJs are highly outgoing and open to sharing about their lives, and are much more likely than their ISTJ colleagues to “think out loud” and leave few relevant thoughts unspoken.



ESTJs strongly desire closure on most things faster than almost anyone. They are energized by the part of the process when the vision is created, ideas generated and it is time to focus on execution! ESTJs are one of the hardest working types, wasting much less time than most making small talk, daydreaming, surfing the internet or taking many breaks in general.



Often able to quote back what others have said in conversations days prior, ESTJs give and can absorb a lot of detailed, factual information upon which they tend to base decisions. Unlike the intuitive types, ESTJs do not enjoy extended brainstorming sessions or receiving a “blank page” of a project where they need to create the vision from scratch.  They prefer having as much information as possible when beginning a project, and excel at taking an existing process and tweaking it to achieve maximum efficiency.



ESTJs are “off the charts” logic driven - instantly able to see what decision makes the most sense objectively, given the facts. They are perhaps the type least likely to make a decision that doesn’t make logical sense on paper. They tend to be thick skinned when it comes to feedback or disagreements, and are great at both giving and receiving very specific direction and instruction. As one of the most transparent types, ESTJs are mostly “what you see is what you get.” This can mean that at times they are quite direct (to the point of being blunt) in an effort to get things done. They tend not to sugar-coat their feedback or reactions as much as others in order to avoid detracting from the clarity of message.



ESTJs leave nothing to chance. As THE most proactive of the 16 types, they don’t wait for it to all “work out”. . . they MAKE it all work out! Typically the most effective way to complete a task is very clear to them. Since they have a strong sense of responsibility and desire to be in control, they have to be careful not to over-manage and under-delegate when working with direct reports. When there is a clear objective, ESTJs often take charge very confidently, even in groups of people they don’t know well.


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