Top Ten Words That Describe Most ENTPs:

Creative, Funny, Adaptable, Unconventional, Futuristic,
Clever, Tenacious, Strategic, Independent, Skeptical



ENTPs pride themselves on being independent, skeptical, intellectually-disciplined thinkers who see a lot of nuance to life (one of the reasons why they often initially resist the theory of personality types). ENTPs tend to think of exceptions when others make general statements, and their minds easily switch to opposing perspectives as a way to understand the logic behind someone else’s position or argument. They typically enjoy playfully debating and challenging others to reconsider their thinking on a wide variety of topics.



ENTPs have a rare creative spark that allows them to generate a stream of new ideas on any number of topics. This is mostly likely to occur in discussions with other people. An ENTP’s ideas often relate to how systems, processes, and the world can be improved. In thinking of these ideas, the ENTP is not restricted at all by conventional wisdom. In fact, ENTPs would rather try out new approaches to find a better way than rely on how it has been done (even if successfully) in the past.



Creating pictures of possible futures is a relatively easy process for ENTPs, compared to the other types. ENTPs tend to be strongly visual and “seeing” how things might look in the future just taps into their imagination - and off they go. In many ways, ENTPs are driven by finding out what is possible – to see what potential a thing, a process, an idea, a company, and even what they themselves are truly capable of. They often carefully chose their areas of interest based on the potential it has, and also whether they themselves have potential to succeed.



ENTPs work in bursts of inspiration, not by carefully structuring or planning out their process. Often their best work occurs in a flurry right before a deadline. They also tend to remain extremely calm in very stressful situations (relative to other types). This is partly due to their tendency to frame the situation in terms of the big picture, and not get caught up in a momentary loss of perspective. ENTPs often thrive in roles where handling pressure and the unexpected is required daily, and find roles with too much structure and certainty to be less engaging.



ENTPs are known for their insightful, thoughtful and unique perspectives. Their best ideas or solutions to complex problems usually come after they’ve mulled the topic over for awhile. This “percolating” process can take a couple of days, is not always conscious, and more often than not leads to a solution that just “pops” into their heads.



ENTPs have an easier time than most types determining where someone else is coming from, and flexing their style to get their message across. They tend to “finesse” conversations unconsciously, using humor, charm, and a playful debating style to get their message across both clearly and persuasively. Deep down, ENTPs are people-pleasers and like to make others think highly of them - so they convince others to see their perspective and leave everyone smiling.


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